Anthony Gentile

2010 Richmond SunTrust Marathon

November 14, 2010, 9:38am

I completed my first marathon yesterday. I was pretty nervous as my training had been less than adequate, especially the few weeks right before the marathon. I had started training in a pair of Terra Plana barefoot shoes. I really liked them, but during training, around twelve miles or so I would really start to feel some pain in my knees. I needed a little more cushion than what the barefoot shoes were giving me. I also think that I over-trained with those shoes too early, which helped contribute to those knee issues. In a bold/stupid move, I decided to start running in a pair of Newton Gravitas, which would give me the small amount of cushion I was looking for and help keep me on the pads of my feet. I am still not sold on their land, lever, lift chambers, but otherwise I like the shoe.

My plan for the marathon was to take it easy, considering the knee issues, and to walk a half a mile every six miles. This, of course, didn't happen as I was pretty psyched and feeling good at six miles and just decided to run the entire marathon. It wasn't until about mile fifteen or so that I really started to slow down (for my pace) and around mile twenty was where I started grabbing gummibears, powerade, and gels pretty often. To be honest, it wasn't as grueling as I thought it would be. I was, however, pretty motivated to finish and to run the entire time. I was running not only for myself, but in honor of a best friend of mine, Mike Haase, who died from cancer over a year ago. He, of course, still beat my time by two minutes. Arghhhh!

It is now the day after and I'm definitely feeling very immobile. My left foot feels very bruised. I am keeping hydrated and taking vitamin c and ibuprofen...we'll see how long it takes it get back to normal.

Here are some stats: